Ever since their debut at Salon du Chocolat 2009 in Paris, My Mask has captured attention of press, audience and the experts from the chocolate world. In less than a year they took part in a number of international chocolate- and luxury events, they have been featured in books about chocolate and in designers’ magazines.

Ever since their debut at Salon du Chocolat 2009 in Paris, My Mask has captured attention of press, audience and the experts from the chocolate world.

The edible Plot of Chocolate Masks

Behind the Chocolate Vail

When the artists and theatre makers Iva and Petar Mandick began substituting their mask-making materials with chocolate, something mouth-wateringly divine appeared, My Mask Chocolate Mask Collection.

. . .

As the plot thickens, the masks are cast delicately, using both customary and contemporary techniques, in the finest chocolate available. The velvety chocolate hardens and the next stage of creation begins. Each mask is then hand-decorated and crafted using a number of techniques.

Be prepared for a little drama goes beyond the script and straight to the taste buds.

Tierra WILSON, Premiere Designers

Les Magnifiques!

Que vous soyez collectionneur, amateur de théâtre, amoureux du chocolat ou à la recherche d’un cadeau époustouflant, ces créations vous impressionneront!
Chaque modèle est coulé individuellement avec de grands crus, et décoré artisanalement avec des feuilles d’or de 24 carats. Un hommage grandiose à I’art… à déguster ou à admirer!

Stéphanie ZEITOUN, J’adore le Chocolat

Aussi artistique que gourmande

Un couple d’artistes néerlandais associe ses passions pour les masques et le chocolat et lance My Mask, une collection aussi artistique que gourmande.

Anne SALLÉ, Produits et boissons

Of course I will never eat it…

“Recently my good friends saw your work @ the chocolatiers convention in Paris, while they were visiting. I am an artist here in Washington D.C. They purchased one Mask as a gift for me. And I am ever so pleased. I think your work is fabulous and hope that you will carry it somewhere at some point in the United States. I have shown it to everyone, and they are just in awe of your work. Many thanks for creating such a beautiful edible art work… of course I will never eat it… it is too beautiful for that…”

Anthony DELFIN, Washington D.C.

A perfect Christmass Gift

«I’m from France, Paris, and during the ‘Salon du Chocolat’, I’ve brought one of your beautiful masks. My friends love it and want to get the same. That is the reason why I write. I would like to buy another mask, a perfect Christmas Gift. Thanks a lot.”

Caroline AMA, Paris

THE Eye Catcher!

“It was a great pleasure to cooperate with you, and your Big Chocolate Mask was THE attraction of the 2011’s chocolate show edition.”

Boris BOYADJIAN, General Director Salon du Chocolat Marseille

Big, Bigger, The Biggest

«… it was the Dutch My Mask who wins the prize for originality with a collection of masks made of chocolate, and hand-decorated with 24 carat gold. It is superb and… quite emblematic for this show whose theme is carnival.”

Michèle TADDEI, La Provence

Delicious and Creative Chocolate Artwork

Some amazing edible artwork and treats

Chocolate is beloved by many people for various reasons: its smell, its taste, its texture or something else. But for artist or food designer, there is one more reason – sweet and delicious confection can be used to create some amazing edible artwork and treats. Here we have 17 Delicious and Creative Chocolate Artwork, from chocolate jewelry to chocolate clothing, from chocolate furniture to chocolate tool. There are quite a lot to discover about chocolate art world. Now, it’s time to explore.

1. Chocolate Masks via mymask-chocolate.com


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