To enhance this year’s theme of the Marseille Salon du Chocolat, My Mask was commissioned to enlarge “The Illusionist” – chocolate mask from its collection.

My Mask Chocolate at Salon Du Chocolat Marseille

In honour of Salon du Chocolat Marseille this year’s theme – the Carnival – the artists and founders of My Mask  Iva & Petar Mandick have accomplished an extraordinary  project: the creation of enlarged mask The Illusionist, a flamboyant Venetian Mask from their Chocolate Masks Collection.

The featured mask, 700% enlarged, more than 180 cm long, circa 100 cm high – is probably one of the world’s largest mask made of chocolate.

Using a number of techniques, ranging from sculpting and moulding to chocolate-casting and gilding, the artists created a stunning Chocolate Mask for which a dozen of kilogram of chocolate (equivalent of 500 chocolate bars) was required. The mask has been gilded with dazzling 8000 cm² of 24 K gold leaf.

My Mask Chocolate at Salon Du Chocolat Marseille

Visitors of Salon had the opportunity to admire the unique creation exhibited at the central area of the Fair.

My Mask Chocolate at Salon Du Chocolat Marseille

In addition, at My Mask stand, the visitors could discover the complete range of My Mask chocolate creations.

The making of: Big Chocolate Mask

The “Illusionist” model of the mask was first proportionally magnified 700 times and then down to the smallest details sculpted in clay. Food-grade silicon mould is made into which kilograms and kilograms of dark and white chocolate are then cast/poured. (compared to 500 chocolate tablets) The mask was then coated with 24 karat gold leaf according to the original design.

After the exhibition, we donated the large chocolate mask to the city of Marseille as a gift for the celebration of the Carnival Festival.